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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Well! what does that word mean, I think it has been made up to describe the place where you actually don't fall into any category, you are no longer having chemo treatment and the oncology department are about to discharge you, so you are really left hanging not really belonging to anyone, so they came up with the word transition. Your told by all to start living the new normal, now that's another word, what is normal? new or old, and how do you go about living the new normal, where do you start, there is no guide line and yes eventually everyone finds the right path, but when you are standing at the cross roads and the new normal is dangling just at the end of the roads slightly out of reach, which road do you take, the short one, where you bypass the gentle approach and rush there or the long one where you slowly allow your body and mind to process all that has happened or the medium road which is abit of both. There is no right answer and there will be many bumps along the way no matter which road you take. One of the really tough things is people telling you to get on with life, go back back to work and start living again, I'm not a violent person but it really makes me want to slap them in the face. Its not that simple, yes our bodies have an amazing ability to mend themselves and for that I'm very grateful, but the mind well that's a different story, it needs kindness, understanding lots of tears laughter and acceptance, and this takes a very long time. What these courageous girls go through is unbelievable, its a long haul and for Em sometimes I'm not the right person as I to need to heal emotionally and find myself to falling apart as everything is so raw. So we will have many days of upset and tears, but at least we both understand and don't put the pressure on each other. So next time you see your friend, loved one,that is or has been going through cancer give them a hug and tell them they are fantastic, they may hug you back and say thank you I needed that or they may burst into tears but they will be grateful for your understanding. But please don't ask them when they are going back to work or getting on with there life or you may be the recipient of that slap in the face I was talking about!    Love Dee xx

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