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Thursday, 1 September 2011


i got this cool book from Talia the other day its really cool so if i post random we posts like the ones below they come from this book. They are really cool.

the last couple of days have been better.  i am still tired and still have all the side effects but I'm getting there. We went out for coffee last night with 10 people we were on the living well course a few months back were we went every Tuesday night and meet with a  whole lot of people who had/have cancer and their partners/carers and there was a different speaker each week. they went through things like food and treatments and how to live with the new normal. We hadn't seen most people for a few months so it was really cool to catch up with everyone. we'll be doing that every month.

 I got a letter today and a really cool card from someone we met at chemo she is lovely and was going to chemo as a support person for someone else who was going through chemo for the 2nd time (both amazing Lady's ) and she wrote something in the letter that i thought i love that I'm going to steal it. 
At least now when you hear somebody say " you have to take the good with the bad" you can say " been there done that got the needle marks to prove it"

and i got to look after Amieka yesterday while Talia went to the gym. Amieka was really cute. Was really cool . Cant wait till i go up to Auckland and Get to see my other nieces Mila and Juno yay exciting sorting out dates soon.
After i had looked after Amieka i called into a 2nd hand antique shop in Richmond to look for a present for mums birthday (on the 7th Sep) she said that she wanted an old fashion flour siv which i found but then i thought i would like to get her something else and i found a really cool small milk jug with a matching dish but then i thought oh no the pressure do i buy it? what if mum doesn't like it? ahhhg what to do? so after walking around the shop for another 20 Min's i decided to risk it and buy it. but then i got home and told mum i brought her a birthday present but i wasn't sure if she would like it and i told her i wanted to give it to her now and she said no its not my birthday. (i am really bad i buy people presents and i have to give them to them or i end up by telling them what i got) mum was sitting down and i said well its not your birthday present i just brought it because and she was like no and closed her eyes so i put them on her lap and walked away so she had to look. she seemed to like them which was good. but now i have to buy her something else for her birthday grrrrrr I'm a shocker i should of waited but oh well mums should be spoilt for her birthday.

 Ema :)

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