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Thursday, 11 August 2011


As Em has said this lovely lady Deidre yes Deidre so she can only be great {for those of you that don't know that's my name} has been fantastic they all have,  they make the hours of treatment pass so much better. We are both extremely emotional again this week, actually I think we are just worn out, mentally exhausted and teary. Still we are one of the lucky ones 2 to go not like the so many new ones that are just starting, my heart goes out to them all.  It is nothing but pure hell there is no other word. If there is any thing I have learnt it is the incredible  courage and minds ability to overcome the knowing. For who in their right mind would rock up to chemo and volunteer there veins to be poked and toxic chemicals pushed through their body and knowing ,when they get home they are going to feel like crap, yet each week, up they go again. The emotion that goes with all  this is sometimes overwhelming, and coming towards the end of treatment you are able to slowly start coming to terms with what you have been through, and  what life is going to be like without doctors, nurses, specialists, and the many other people you see on a regular basis.  The new normal!

Love Dee

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