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Friday, 12 August 2011

nelson woman who inspire me.


The lovely Lady's Mel and Sarah who i had the pleasure to meet at a not so nice place chemo. but meeting these two strong Lady's who are always smiling has made our chemo journey fun
(well as fun as chemo could be)
both of these 2 special people are amazing and beautiful, kind and caring and i am so blessed and lucky to of been able to meet them and spend time with them.
Even when shit was bad or if they get bad news they still put a smile on there faces and get on with it. xx

My Mum (Dee)
well what do i say this woman has given up her job her social life to be by my side for coming up to 8 months now and i am not an easy person to be around at the best of times but I'm twice as bad when on on all the drugs they pump through me. My mum gave up a job she loved so she could be with me 24/7 throughout this journey she doesnt moan (much) but on top of all that she runs a house cooks all meals has ea teenage son and an 11yr old son at home a 18 yr old son who doesn't live at home but she is still his taxi and still washes his clothes. she is a councilor, a cook, a taxi, a cleaner, a fixer, a mum, a wife, a friend, sometimes she does to much and we don't tell her how amazing she is enough and how we would all fall apart if she wasn't around.
she always puts her family first and would do anything for anyone of us.
I have said it many times before mum you are amazing and stunning and i love you so much. thank you for being you. thank you for being non judgemental. thank you for your support.  xx

I wish there was something i could call you we have tried many times to come up with some thing my brothers baby's mother just doesn't seem right for someone who i consider to be my family.
so i will call you Talia my family.
You have blown us all away with how amazing you are with Amieka how great and smart she is. It shows the amount of time you spend with her. and the way her face lights up when she sees you.
You are amazing and kind and caring. and such an amazing mum.
we are so proud of you and so proud that you are apart of our family.
and we love you both big time xx

well Bee what can i say the more time i spend with you the more i like you. your attitude to life after all that you have been through is something i would love to have you are so clever and talented. and i love that you never do anything you don't want to do. You always make me laugh and i learn something from you every time i see you.
looking forward to spending more time with you.
you are one of kind xx
Ema :)

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