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Friday, 12 August 2011

my nana my insperation

                                                  My Nana Posa And My Sister Danielle

Just look at my Nana's face the beautiful smile says it all this is my Nana down to a t she's always smiling.
My Nana got breast cancer a month before i was diagnosed.
when she rang to tell me i was so upset and worried this was the first time someone in my family that i knew had breast cancer. My Nana chose not to have chemo as it wasn't really going to do much for her and the side effects were not worth it.
My Nana has smiled the whole way through apart from a few bad days but you get that at any time.
The hardest thing for me to do was to ring her and tell her when i had been diagnosed ex specially because around that time my poppa got diagnosed with bowl cancer (we had our op around the same time) I think we all burst into tears and they said that hearing that i had cancer was worse for them.
It has been hard because Nana and poppa live in Dargaville and i live in Nelson and so we talk and txt on the phone a lot. but i haven't seen them for over a year i cant wait till i get to go up and see them in around 5 weeks. this I'm sure will also be very tough and emotional. But throughout this my Nana keeps smiling  and laughing and has the great Posa positivity. love you Nana xxx
Ema :)

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