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Monday, 26 September 2011

Day out at Auckland Fan zone

Mila and Danielle having a sword fight

Family pose time

dad putting on his really cool rain coat

people dancing in the street

Danielle dancing in the street

was a cool day even if it was raining me Danielle dad Mila and me went and hung out at the fan zone for the RWC in Auckland. there was heaps going on bands people dancing people making balloon's. lots of things to look at and do and everyone happy and dancing around.
Was cool i was having a puffy day. it would be nice just to be able to get out of bed and not have to worry about putting on a hat covering up so i don't get burnt and feeling like a weirdo when I'm the only person wearing a hat outside. but i guess ill get there my hair is growing my eyebrows arnt yet but hopefully soon.
apart from the outside appearance i am doing good  a bit tired but nothing to bad and a few aces and pains. 

Babysitting Mila and Juno in Auckland

So cute no one but my brother Anton new i was coming up so i surprised everyone. And i was very lucky to be able to look after Mila and Juno. We went for a walk, played soccer and danced as well as watched a movie.
It is so cool to be up here with my north Island  family.
Mila was quite excited to see me and laughed when she saw my hair and she quite likes to take my hat off and look at it. We told her that i was sick and the medicine made my hair fall out she likes to ask lots of questions.
They are both so cute.
Ema :)


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Heading up to Auckland

saying goodbye to mums and Jane before i get on the train from Wellington to Auckland a whole 12 hours by mums see you  when i see you xx xxx

Beautiful  train ride lots to look at and surprisingly 12 hours goes quite fast and i would do it again. you could get up and walk around and look at stuff there was a cafe on board but the coffee machine broke so not only did i have to get up early (which I'm not really good at) i had over 12 hours with no coffee
Ema :)


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Wellington (day 2)

Jane and mum on our way to the zoo yay!!!!

I saw this picture and had to get in there and take a photo but not before i tripped on the bush you have to climb over

me and mums

my new fave animal we watched the sun bears for ages so cute and such a shiny coat

you can get so close to most of the animals at Wellington zoo so cool
I'm not a very good driver

yes all that separated Jane from this amazing lion is glass and my did the lion like Jane

I thought it was my time to stand by the window so i could get a photo with the lion but as you can tell with my clenched hands i was packing myself

such a cute family

i am a Posa after all so i had to strike a pose

just clowning around yes the lizard ate me

Jane playing too

Mums hanging around

pool time

never new my mums was a pool shark don't play with her she sunk 3 in a row then 2 in a row and she said she couldn't play

finishing our wines before we move on to dinner
Wellington was awesome i could live there apart from the wind. was cool to hang out just me mums and Jane we had lots of fun. 

The start of my North Island holiday Wellington (day 1)

no mum i haven't packed to much you never know how much stuff you will need when you don't know how long your going away for 

Mum and Jane waiting for the ferry.

coming into Wellington ferry was nice and calm 

us non rugby fans even went and hung out at the fan zone in Wellington.

heading to Te papa

having a well deserved drink after hours of walking around wellington. As well as going to the fan zone and Te Papa we managed to find a cute as market as well. and we had Burger Fuel for dinner something i had been hanging out for since i got sick yummmm!!!!!!!!
Also we left for Wellington on the 18th of Sep but we kept it a surprise from everyone and it is my aunty's birthday on the 24th Sep so we were trying to keep it a  surprise until then so that's why we haven't posted about anything for a while.) 
Ema :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

dessert and coffee

Kahlua and Moro Bar cheesecake

                          Kiwi Pavlova (complete with nipples thanks to bee)

lemon meringue pie

                                                                       Banoffie Pie

Yum'!!!!!!! went out for dessert and coffee at Loan star last night was really yummmy and huge desserts all for only $13.00 each

Well i have had all of my tests my bloods came back good.
my ECG came back good
But my ECO came back with telling me i have a bit of fluid around my heart. now i have been told this is quite normal and they will do another one in 3months time to see if it has gotten worse or the same. it may go away it may never go away. im not to sure what this means but i am about to go ring my Oncology nurse to find out. well after talking to my nurse seems it's not really to much of a big deal. so im good to go away for my holiday !!!!!!!!!!!
Ema :)