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Sunday, 14 August 2011

family day out

We went out for a family day out today headed to Mot to the market then drove around a bit and ended up having lunch by this cute settlers cottage in Upper Moutere. Mums would quite like to live in the wee cottage. As we were having lunch the temperature started to drop as this cold snap settles in. So we packed up and did some driving around and saw some really cool cloud formations tried to get some pictures but the photos didn't come out as good as wanted but ill still put some up. I'm sitting at home now hoping that we get a good storm soon thunder and lightning yay. Was nice to get out of Nelson today when you get stuck in a rut you forget how good it is just to go for a drive and just look out the window. New Zealand is beautiful.
For around 3months i have been hanging out for a rhubarb sponge came home yesterday and mum found some rhubarb so were having rhubarb sponge and custard for dessert yummy!!!!!!!!

then after a day out my mum comes home and baked 2 different biscuits and the rhubarb sponge and dinner man my mums a star
Ema :)

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