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Friday, 5 August 2011

head gears

 the bald head not something alot of people have seen but i thought i should put one up to show. my hair is growing slowly
 my hats i live in hats i never leave the house without one and i sleep in one. my head gets really cold. Its not that i am ashamed of my bald head i dont like the way random people react when they see it so i always keep my head coverd
 the scarf i have only warn a few times one because its to cold and 2 cause i dont think it looks that great on me
 the wig well i have never worn this it sits in my mums wardrove where i dont have to see it. for me i fell like its to fake. i may where it every now and then but i just look so weird with hair?

 then my hot mums got in on he action nice hair mums xxxxxxxx
Ema :)xxxxx

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