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Thursday, 4 August 2011


Em has just about said it all, these two are the strongest couple I have ever met. Sarah as Em and Mel are hero's in my eyes and if I never meet another inspirational person in my life thats fine as these three would be hard to beat.
My post today is about the support person the number 1, Stev, it has been an incredibly emotional roller coaster ride, you have been strong , level headed,  not  let the helplessness take over,  as it is so easy to be overwhelmed  by it all. Stev you too are a  survivor you  gave up your job and basically this year to devote to Sarah, you  nursed  waited, cooked , and unconditionally loved  your  beautiful wife this whole time, putting  your  needs last.
This is a man all men should look up too, Stev I am very honoured to have met you and I know you and Sarah will always have a special place in my heart.
Love Dee xx


  1. couldnt of said it better mum. Sarah and Mel your amazing and Steve there needs to be more males like you out there xx Ema

  2. Lovefest! I'm sure this kind of life experience brings out the best in most but some more than others eh, steve has been amazing and is one out of the box, lucky me! very humbling comments, we feel the same about you guys and Mei and feel so lucky to have met you Sarah xx

  3. I agree with Dee, my hat goes off to you Steve xxx. The same can be said for you too Dee. You have an amazing strength and an unprecedented devotion to your whole family. I dont think any one of us who have travelled this journey, cancer person or support person are any less of a hero than the other. It takes both to come together as a team to make it through this journey, at the very least to make it tolerable. To you all I wish you the very best for the future and send my heartfelt congratulations to you all for making it to the end (or almost). Take care on your new journey xxx