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Thursday, 30 June 2011

mine and my little brother Williams  fave Indian dinner palak paneer vegetarian  spinach and Indian cheese and garlic nan yummy. looks like baby poo but its amazing (from Little India Nelson) had this for dinner on Tuesday night.

I had my first day at the gym today going to a woman's only gym in Richmond. was really good feeling tired but good happy to be starting to get my life back with some normality in it yay! Ema :)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

our chemo mid winter xmas party


 Mum and i like to be a little weird so we had to get all dressed up for today and take some silly photos. the cookies mum made and i iced good team work.
 two lovely Lady's at chemo it was her last chemo so that was why we had a we party and i had a piece of fruit cake ( which i don't like but this one was so good i had 2 pieces mmmmm!
 some more of our chemo family the amazing nurses who put up with us and are great at there job,  chemo patients and our support people. good times had all around at chemo. you have to try to make it a little entertaining.
 two very special people Sarah above and Mel below such strong and positive people very cool to have meet them and to be able to spend time with them.

all in all was a good day we even had Xmas music playing and everyone else who wasn't apart of our group still got involved. so that's chemo no 8 down and 8 to go yay half way their, and another week where my iv line went in in the first time as they are such pros up at the day stay. its funny you come quite close to everyone up there and everyone who is going thought their own thing and has their own story they still sit on their lazy boy or lie on the bed with a smile and there is always lots of laughter coming from the room which is helped lots by the amazing staff and volunteers
Ema :)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tea on a Tuesday

My early morning walk with Jane what a beautiful way to start the day, a few cold river crossings and wet feet. But fantastic, then home to make these........

Chocolate brownies  yummy, this was for our craft evening tonight, where we had a few close friends, yummy food and lots of chatter, only poor Jane was feeling unwell by the afternoon and couldn't make it as with anyone going through chemo you can pick up bugs really easily, so she stayed home tucked up warm.  What a fun evening we had.  Deexx

 my first ever cheesecake i have ever made and if i don't say so myself yummmmmmm! was quite fun to make as well. We had a girls craft night tonight was cool everyone brought something yummy. good thing i start at the gym this week.

oh the concentration at our craft night we crochet, knitted and had a look at card making which i might add might be my new addiction. and of course lots of talking . Isn't it great to have such great people to spend time with. Although one very special person Jane was missing as she was unwell but she will be here next time.
My 4th lot of chemo tomorrow so tonight due to my happy drugs ( my body is like on speed but my eyes are tired i wont sleep till around 4am or 5am and its like this for 3 nights every week) i will spend the night crochet, listening to music and playing games on my comp and maybe i might change my room around.
It is amazing how much more stuff you can get done in 24hours when you only sleep around 2-3hours. Bring on chemo no 4 tomorrow they are going really fast now.  Ema :)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

the highlight of a saturday morning

The highlight of our saturday morning, thats if it hasnt been cancelled (which it has been the last couple of weeks) is my youngest playing soccer. He loves and lives for it, and yes I know Im his mum but he arnt half bad at it either.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

cancer is not me

I know I’m young but I’m older than I used to be,
I can do anything I’ll be the girl I choose to be
Looking ahead to all that life may bring my way
Getting excited for each and every single day
Then there comes a bump in my road
Something I would never have thought I would have to face
Something invading my body trying to control me
But this thing is just a word I am bigger than that
This thing is just a thing it does not make me
It does not change who I am.
I can’t change it happening but I can stop it changing my life
I still choose to be the girl I want to be
I still love and love and care and cry
I still look ahead to all that life may bring my way
Getting excited by each and every single day
This is I hiccup in my making I think I was made at the budget hospital
But this isn’t going to stop me I will win this battle
People look at me and pity me
Yes at times this journey I am on has been a bitch
But it is not all I am about
This thing does not make me me
I make me me
I choose my life
I choose to live.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

week 3

Today was session 3 of 12, this is Em the lucky last left  all alone.... We had our lovely circle of friends today all with there mums , so it was an extra special circle of love, particularly for one of our special  ladies
who had not so great news today, but shes incredibly strong , very beautiful and has an amazing support system, we send extra love out...

I still cant believe even after 3 sessions how Em is managing so much better, shes not sick, she stays up with us, eats dinner and other than her colour and body tiredness, one would never no she had just been through chemo.  Much love Dee

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

just pictures

The tides a comming rolling in

Well life has been interesting for me this past week i have been feeling a bit down and bored.
I have been feeling like all i do is sit around home and wait for each chemo and not really do much. It doesn't help that it rained all weekend and went out to get a coffee and my car broke down. As i am not working i got all stressed as to how will i fix it blah, blah, blah. With this chemo it has been great in the fact that i feel good apart from a few things but because i feel good i hate sitting around. I could go back to work but then if i do i run the risk of getting sick ending up in isolation again and getting delayed in my treatment. I felt like i was going around in circles. So i had to give myself a strong talking to and kick my backside and change the way i was thinking.

So one thing i did was joined up to pink Pilate's which i start in 2 weeks. Pink Pilate's is another great thing that is on offer to woman with cancer. Where you get 10 sessions of one on one with a physio therapist incorporating Pilate's, physiotherapy, massage, breathing techniques, fatigue management and exercise prescription. Which will help with a lot of things including building up my strength. There are so many things on offer it is amazing and a lot of them are at no or little cost to me.

The next thing i did was rang around to look at joining a gym again i used to love going. I am just waiting on the OK from my doctors to make sure this is all good.
I am also going to look at doing more cooking and maybe take a dance class.

So after all this i  am feeling better i was just having a few Emo days, and really i don't have a lot to moan about what i need to do is turn it around and look at what i do have.
I have an amazing family and support system. My hair is slowly starting to grow back. This lot of Chemo has and will continue to be easy. I live in a beautiful place Nelson. I taught myself how to make a hat ( very exciting) and i get to laugh most days. So really i need to harden up and get on it and try not  to have any more whaa days. Its only 10 weeks of treatment to go I'm on the count down whats 10 weeks really. Bring it on.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

a love for the kitchen

 As i have been home a lot more i have been spending time with my 10 yo brother William, and have been teaching him a few things in  the kitchen. He has made the best cheese scones i have ever had. very yummy! He has also made choc chip cookies and made us chicken and veggie wraps for dinner.
It is great it doesn't take much but when everyone says how yummy his food is it just lights up his face. hmmmmmmm what to get him to make next...... Ema

Thursday, 16 June 2011

coffee and cake

Two of our favourite things coffee from sublime the best coffee house in Nelson and cupcakes from Antoinettes Yum.
Well yesterday was session no2 of Ems new chemo drugs and oh my she was fantastic, no being sick she ate with us, stayed up chatting till after 10.30 and was almost normal, I am sure alot had to do with having her big brother and beautiful baby here helped so much, lets keep our fingers crossed that the next 10 sessions go just as well. xxDee


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Look good feel good

What an amazing thing. i got to go to this course the other day it was only for a few hour but very worth going. you leave with lots of new make up ideas and a bag full of make up, creams and potions. and its all for free. This course was made by a lady who had cancer many years ago. She felt so ugly after losing her hair and going through chemo she wouldn't leave the house or let anyone in. Then someone came and did a make over on her and she felt great and she wanted to have all woman going through any kind of cancer to have this. so she got together with all the people she could find put on a ball and managed to raise 6million dollars and it's been running ever since.

I arrived at the course feeling a bit anxious as you do when you are going to something new by yourself and all the volunteer's were lovely i had my own make up artist who gave me a make over giving me all the tips, And all the make up that was used on me on the day the moisturiser and cleanser and toner i got to take home. From Estée Lauder, Clinique, Revlon and much more very cool products.

I recommend every one who is going through any kind of cancer to do this course. You arrive with no make up people with their hats or wigs on and feeling very self conscious sitting in front of a mirror. Then by the end of it ou look around the room and everyone is glowing and looking beautiful and they are all smiling and can't stop looking in the mirror. Very recommended.


Look Good Feeel Better

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

What an exciting day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting......... ohhhh there is the plane yay!!!!!!
Today was an exciting day got to see my big brother (who i haven't seen since Xmas) and meet my new Niece Juno. So exciting i have been waiting over 3 months to meet my 3rd beautiful niece, And got such a surprise when we got a call saying they were coming down a few days ago. Such a cool surprise it made my week. I am so blessed to have 3 amazing and beautiful nieces Mila, Amieka and Juno. Mila and juno live in Auckland with there mum and dad and Amieka lives in Nelson. So we had to get Amieka over to meet her baby cousin as well so i got very spoilt having a night with my 2 nieces and my big brother. So while they were here I just had to take to opportunity to get them to model my headband's :)
 But first they had to meet Amieka in the stripey hat and blue cardie and Juno in the white checking each other out was so cute. Amieka is just over 5 months and Juno is just over 3 months.
things were going very well such cute models 
But then Amieka decided that she quite liked the look of Juno's hand and decided she wanted to see if it    tasted as good.
 Then Amieka wanted to show her baby cousin how clever she was at rolling over although she couldn't work out while she couldn't roll over Juno. Apart from Amieka showing Juno all the exciting things that she could do they were quite happy chilling together on the floor. I got so many cuddles today from these beautiful bubs both so very cute and very very much loved my their Aunty Ema. Was the best day I've had in a long time, hanging out with my big brother and two of my neice's. Life is good :) 
          So cute i think they will be great friends


Friday, 10 June 2011

Crafts by Ema

The first things i learnt to crochet  (headbands)
exciting!!!!!!! Ema