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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A better week.

My carrot and raisin and cream cheese cup cakes for craft night tonight (we are having  craft night tonight instead of Tuesday as Tommy had to get ready for his outdoor ed camp up in the snow last night)
they look really cool but i like mum am having problems with the cream cheese icing it keeps melting?
This week has been a better week. I won a family pass to the play at the Theater Royal to see the Twits (Yay) The ECO Fest is this weekend and after tomorrow i only have one more chemo to go oh yea!!! about time!!!!! 
But one thing i did have to do was have a few blood tests done on  Monday and waited to here results on Tuesday and didn't here anything so i rang only to be told that everything was fine. But then i get a call on Wednesday by the nurse telling me that they want me to have another blood test next week due to the fact that my potassium levels are .2 higher and i said well what does that mean and she wouldn't really tell me saying it could be lots of different things so she didn't want to say anything until i had my next blood test but to stay away from banana's and that was that .  So i get of the phone going what the??????????
i sat there for a while and then thought ill just ring the oncology nurses and ask someone cause me and mum were like what does this mean?
after speaking to a nurse she said you need potassium to make sure the cells are pumping blah blah( i stopped listening after that) but it could mean i am not drinking enough water to flush out the potassium i am getting or I'm eating something with to much in so just drink lots of water and it's only a wee bit high so should be OK . So i relaxed a bit after that and looked up on the Internet what i should stay away from well practically everything i eat has potassium in it. So i will stop the things that are high in potassium for the week drink lots of water and go from there. On one hand i am really happy that my Doctor is being thorougher which is great on the other hand she could of told the nurse to give me a bit more information before ringing me? So i wouldn't panic. I know having high potassium is not a good thing but it was only up by .2 so hmmmm.

The cancer society put on a seminar today with Bogda Koczwara who spoke on care after cancer. Was very interesting, about how when you are having treatment for cancer you have appointments you have doctors you can contact your told where to go what to see basically what to do. Then when you finish treatment chemo or whatever your told OK you've done great you'll have your next appointment in 3 months and you don't really get passed on to any follow up care. You could go to your GP but most of the time they don't have the information you need to help you with any questions about where to next.
I guess i am really lucky that i have a great support system and my GP has been kept up to date with everything so i can go to here and we have a great Cancer society in Nelson. But wake up N.Z follow up care is needed.
Ema :)


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