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Thursday, 18 August 2011

One to go!

Well, one more to go, we both should be ecstatic, inside I'm sure we are, it is very hard to explain but right now one more could be 10 more, its still exhausting, and the thought of pushing yourself to head back up next week and the tiredness and just been fed up with everything is just abit too real. Em came home and after a drink headed to the couch and slept. She hasn't done that for awhile. The bland food taste, feeling like changing or doing something energetic is just out of the question, I guess its enough now, shes had enough of been a cancer person.  The toll that this crap disease has taken on my sweet girl is so so much, which brings me to my next worry, and that is when she heads up north.  They have no idea as they haven't been down here ( and I know that they would of been here if Em and I said we want you here, I wasn't been mean} with her, about the day to day struggle, the effects of the treatment both on body and soul, and I know that some will try to understand and others will tell her to get over it and move on, there will be many months if not years of getting over it, and each amazing cancer survivor will do it in their own time and way and what is best for them without been told otherwise. So to all you people out there that think by saying  your over your treatment move on get on with your life and get over it. Don't ! These wonderful people will do that ,just be there with an encouragement give love, hugs, and remind them of how fantastic they are.
Dee xx

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