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Thursday, 11 August 2011

14 chemo down 2 to go

one of the lovely staff up at chemo. but this lucky lady got to be my oncology nurse so she had to put up with me for nearly 6months but i am sure she loves me and will miss me lots when i finish!

Took 2 goes to get a line in today my veins are starting to  pack up they are over being poked and prodded.

I re shaved my hair last night in the hope that it will grow back not patchy? thought it was better to do it now before it got to long and i may not want to do it after that.

So i have 2 chemo to go. i am really tired and i am breaking  up and getting lots of fluid build up.
my lips are cracked and wont heal and i had a cut that wouldn't go away. i  went to Body wise in nelson and they recommended Comfrey balm it helps with dry skin chapped lips blisters and slow healing wounds and its chemical free. yay! after using it for 24hours everything started to heel after 3 weeks of not healing. so this stuff is great i highly recommend it.

I seam to be unable to get enough sleep and i am always tired at the mo but I'm sure that will pass i only have 2 more weeks, then recovery building my strength up getting rid of chemicals out of my system building my immune system up getting rid of fluid build up. but all that will be easy bring it on. hopefully the next 2 will go fast and then i will be free yay!

I am going to go to my doctors on Monday to have a few tests. a blood test to check my sugar and a blood pressure check as my heart rate is up a bit and i have been having a few dizzy spells. but could just be a side effect from all the chemicals and drugs i have to take. but worth getting it checked out.
so it was a rather long day today at chemo as there are lots of new people coming in ,we were there from 11am till 2pm. I must say that i am slightly over chemo. it seems to drain me more each time but im nearly there so again i say bring it on.

And i have met a new lady who started her chemo last week and we have spent a bit of time together and there are a few more who my nurse will introduce me to to spend some time with them. It feels like a life time ago that i was just starting out at chemo. and it's good if my experience can help other people i am more than happy to be a support person.
Ema :)

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