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Thursday, 25 August 2011

no more chemo!!!!!!!!!!!1

Well last chemo I'm excited and scared and i don't know if it has really hit me yet. The last week i have had chemo brain and been quite clumsy tripping on everything nearly falling over and burning may hand lots and forgetting what i am doing. I did some baking on Tuesday. i made a vanilla slice which i took out of the oven and dropped it but i did manage to save it and it wasn't to bad. on Wed i baked a caramel Chocolate Browne but i didn't look at the size of the dish you need to cook it in and it over flowed through out the oven (twice yes i cleaned it up made the dish bigger put it back in and then did it again) this also turned out to be really yummy to eat so it wasn't to bad but while cooking this i spilt my coffee all over the bench cooking books and the floor, spilt thee sugar and then grabbed the element that had been on for a good 20 Min's (good thing my hands are numb from chemo cause i should of felt it and i got a blister but i didn't feel it so i guess it wasn't to bad) so maybe i should give up on cooking for a while until chem brain is gone but after all that it always gets eaten by the boys so it cant be all that bad. and then I've been doing things where i go into my room to get something and come back out not knowing what it was that i was supposed to get. So apart from being a clumsy person and quite tired its all done no more chemo. I'm sure it will hit me more when i get to next week and i don't have to go to the hospital yay! mums and me are thinking we will have a nice quiet week next week as we have been so busy lately.
I also cant wait to stop taking the pills but i have to take them tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully ill get more than 3 hours sleep like last night.
It has been an Amazing ,Scary, emotional and some times great  Journey I know its not over i have recovery and ill have check ups every 3 months then every 6 months and then every year. It has been long and up and down.But there has been some amazing people i have meet along the way things i have seen and done that i would never have if this was not in my life's path.

Life's  not fair at times but  there  are people   way worse of that me
I have learnt so many things we don't really think about cause in life we tend to just keep going
I have learnt to listen to yourself
its OK to slow down sometimes and love life
if you love some one tell them don't wait
if you want to do something don't put it off just go and do it
hug your family as much as you can and spend time together
have people around you who make you happy
smile lots
and be silly
don't be afraid to ask the answer will be yes or no
if you love someone tell them don't let them get away but if they arnt the right person don't be afraid to walk away
another thing i have learnt is how the people you think will stand by u when times get tough  are not always the people who do.
thank you to everyone who has been there for me the support the text the presents the love your time for making me laugh

Thank you to the amazing Jane Clark and your beautiful family for all your support and love and hats and baking you guys are stars much love to you all. xxx xxx

Thank you  to my family up north Anton, Kate, Mila and Juno for my surprise visits and my talks on the phone to Mila would have me smiling for days love you guys and i so cant wait to see you I'm so excited cant wait xxxxxxx

Thank you to my Dad and my sister Danielle and nick for being there the text that keep me going and for just being you guys and thanks dad for coming down to see me you made my week love you all xx xx

To the rest of my north island family Dale, Paul, Nana and Grandad and Nana and Pop love to you all and thank you for your words of wisdom and all the text's they kept me going cant wait to see you all when i come up in a few weeks xx xx

To all my friends i went to school with who i haven't seen for ages but showed there support Aids and EmaCant wait to come hang out with you guys and catch up with your family its been way to long and Kylee Bowater you rock xx xx

Dylan Symonds well what can i say thank you for coming to see me for your text  that always seem to show up when i need to smile, for still seeing me even if i changed on the outside and for just being you thanks you  you are one of a kind xx xxx

To my nelson friends and clients Lisa Dudley, Halee Tremlett And Rhy, thanks for the girls night and your supportive texts and Rhy thanks for being you and hanging out with me and William xx  Talia and Amieka and your family your kind words and time you have spent with me means so much love you all xx     Maxine and Vicki  and the Robbie's team. love you guys xxxx    Jason  Tinker(thanks for keeping loaded with movies :)  and coming away with me when i needed a break and for when you were here making me laugh lots. Thanks  to all my clients for the cards and flowers and books so lovely. and thanks to Sandy Sanders for the treats you gave me and all the magazines and keeping my job open for me. love you all to bits your awesome with your messages of support xx xx

Sarah and Mel you guys rock i love you both to peaces and cant wait to continue our long friendship with all of us starting new journeys xxxix

To Loraine and Bee and Karen
Thank you for your suport your baking and your friendship love you all xx

To the craft night oh what fun the people the talks the food and the crafts thank you.

And to my Mums Well what can i say I'm getting a wee bit teary thinking about what to write to you MUM i could not have done this with out you you held me up when i couldn't do it myself yo put up with everything i have thrown at you the ups and downs you always stayed by my side even when nothing you could do was right. i don't Even know what to say to you mum words arnt enough you are one of a kind you are amazing and strong and i love you so much thank you xxxxxxx

Thank you to Tommy, Baydon  and Mike thank you for putting up with my moods xxx xxx

Thank you to William who would sit with me when i couldn't get out of bed not talking just being there and for all your help and comming to lots of chemo's with me and for all your pictures you drew me to make me happy and smile you are the best Puggles xx 

To anyone else i f  have forgotten you i am so sorry chemo brain thanks and much love to you xx xx

William holding my last lot of chemo  about to be hooked up to the IV

Happy family's come to support Mums, Amieka, William,Tommy Talia was here as well but silly me i didn't get any photos and Sarah came up as well :)

55mins to go with chemo drug then 20 min of say line to be flushed through

Cuddles with my cute niece Amieka

Tommy and William playing cards

Me turning of my IV line for the last time YAY!


what a lovely jester a lady who had breast cancer thought that every woman who finishes treatment should get flowers so i got this lovely bunch of flowers and a lovely anonymous card very sweet

Sarah brought me some cool pink shoelaces through pink Pilate's and a really cool necklace where i get to choose what i want it to say at the mo it says (Love Life)

and a really cute brooch and card from the beautiful Jane (my other mum)

Intense conversation

and then we came home and had to put this photo up of Amieka cause its soooooo cute :)

And now my new life Journey begins


  1. You made it!!!! All the best on your new journey Ema. I am looking forward to catching up after your trip north and swapping stories. You take care and enjoy your trip and your new life adventure. Miss you heaps! Love to Mums. Love and hugs to you xxx :)

  2. thanks Mel life is about to get exciting for all of us. take care of you cant wait to catch up xxxxx