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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

High tea at chemo

 my mums looking all glam for the high tea at Sarah's last chemo
 the happy couple arrive Sarah and Steve looking very glam and such a amazingly strong couple.

 me trying to get a Little bit glamed up

 Steve looks amazing such a good Butler and such a supportive husband to Sarah there wouldn't be many males around that would have done all that Steve has done for Sarah.  they could possibly be the perfect couple.x
 don't mind if i do thanks Steve
Well today was a great day Sarah's last chemo so proud of her.And so happy that out of this positive things happen and I'm sure we will be friends for years.
luv you guys your both awesome xx

also now i am down to three chemo to go yay!!!!!!!!
Ema :)


  1. gorgeous. Just shows how important it is to have support. Yall looked great, what a lovely idea xoxo

  2. its good to do something to make the best out of a not so great situation we try to make chem fun :) ema