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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Whirling times

My beautiful daughter is so bent on being normal {whatever that is} and is trying so hard to fill her days, but I see the tiredness  and the strain, the chemical overload of this year, and I watch as it is all starting to catch up. We both can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the sessions of chemo are coming to an end, 4 to go, but even though this round is so much easier for her to take its on going effects I see compounding, and wearing her down. This has been such a year of so many emotions, anger,and hardship and so many days I want to whisk her away to where life has no pain to watch her, be that carefree little girl that use to sit on the letterbox at the beach and sing her heart out,  but instead we have had this year, and yes I know things happen for a reason, we dont always know why or have the answers and we must use what life throws at us to grow and learn and change, it just is not that easy. So my friends I ask again send love and strenght for these next few months and we will pull this courageous, beautiful girl through this.
Love Dee xx


  1. You are such a lovely supportive mum Dee. Must be from you that Ema gets her awesome balance of level-headed-strength-tough-chick mixed with tenderness (yes Ema you can't hide it from me - I know it's there!) Thinking of you always Ema, sending healing wishes your way xox

  2. I was lucky enough to spend a week with Emma and Dee and got to see how strong Emma has been through her challenges this year and she has.
    The great thing is that she has been able to get an endless flow of love and support from her Mum, Dee thank you for every thing you have done for our daughter, you have put everything aside to take the journey with Emma.
    And lets not forget Mike and the boys for pitching in along the way.
    Love you all