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Friday, 8 July 2011

In depth duo

Well the stars or gods must have been in line last night as we both had instead of talking about changing our lives and thoughts actually going to do it. You know Em is so right dont wait for life to slap you in the face do something about it now. We spend so much of our time worring about what other people think or will it make me look bad or Im to busy to take time out.. its all crap, just an excuse for not being true to yourself. If your to overwhelmed to change all at once do it in stages. Start small and move on. Look around you do you love where you are or are you just waiting for the right time to move, are you surrounded by things you love,  do you jump out of bed and cant wait to start your day, do you look at your partner and say Im the luckest person in the world. If you can do that you are one of the lucky ones...I know at the end of the year when I wave Em off on her road trip and through the tears of happiness and sadness knowing my baby has made it and is strong health wise again my changes will take place.  Dont leave it too late as tomorrow may never come and excuses mean nothing, we all need and have the right to be happy and love who we are , and look forward to every day.                                                             
Dee xx

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