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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

lost my chemo family today :(

Today i had to rent a crowd at my 7th chemo (now down to 6 yay) (started with 16 lots of chemo with 2 different drugs) it was very quite today. Mel has finished chemo and has moved on to the next part of her treatment and Sarah did not have chemo today as she was having a few issues. so yes my mums was there as always but my little brother came as well to keep me company playing uno.
my little brother William (11) and i are very close everyone asked how he has coaped with me getting sick well he has been great i didn't hide anything from him he has seen my scar he has spent days with me in my room when i couldn't get out of bed on the first lot of chemo i had he never really left my side weather he was just there or talking to me. he did seem to get sick every time i had a chemo session but i never get sick from him i seem to be immune to him which is good.he has been a great support for me he kind of just knew when to be quite or when to cheer me up. My other brothers who are at home Baydon (18) (has moved out now) and Tommy (15) have been great as well but they kind of just stay away and let me get on with it they didn't want to see my scar but that's cool Tommy wants to come up to a chemo in the school holidays as he wants to get into med so he wants to see what  happens.
I think for me how it has worked well is they have only seen me cry once when i first found out. (through out this i have only cried twice really i don't see how crying will help me)  is that if they want to know ill tell them and I'm very positive well most of the time. i do have days where i come off my drugs and after 3 nights of not sleeping i can be a bit grumpy but they understand and they know I'm not going any where. I also have my sister Danielle (19) and Nick (12) they live in Auckland i talk to Dani a bit about whats going on and she is great i get random i love you texts msgs which make me smile. Nick i haven't really talked to about what is going on he knows but he knows I'm OK. and my older brother Anton (30) and his partner my sister in law Kate (30) they are in Auckland as well and Anton came down with one of his baby's to see me and came to chemo to see how i roll. And my dad is in Auckland as well and he rings me all the time and is great at making me laugh. the rest of my family some in Auckland and grandparents in Dargaville have been amazing as well i didn't want everyone to come down and see me while i am having treatment but they have been a great phone support. and when i am finished my treatment i will be heading up north for a long holiday to see everyone. This journey started in January and i have 6 weeks of treatment to go. I will still have check ups ever 3 months for a while then every 6months then every year and also reconstruction as well  but i am getting there .
Ema :)

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