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Sunday, 24 July 2011


 My dad arrived yesterday to stay with us for a week. we decided we would go on a family outing. We picked up Rhy and packed a picnic and headed out to Wakefield. But as we headed out there it got colder and colder and started raining so by the time we got there brrrrrr.
But we still managed to get out the boys including my dad went on the flying fox, kicked the ball around and played Frisbee. Then we hoped in the car  to warm up and went on a wee tickey tour.

 my dad on the flying fox
For some reason my little brother William has been calling his dad Mark (his name is Mike or Dad but William has been calling him Mark for months) and then William decided that he would call my dad (Steve) Bill. So then everyone had to have a name change. my name was Egg mums was Nigel. Williams was Jennifer and Rhylei's name was Rachael. it is the small things that amuse our family it doesn't take much but we all found it quite funny.
Oh and did i tell you that my dad who was married to my mums is staying with us yep that's staying with me my mums and step dad. anywhere else this could be a weird situation but i am quite lucky everyone has always got along.
Ema :)

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