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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Long time no post, not really sure why just caught up with life, school holidays so the boys are home more, and time just passed so quickly with not alot doing. Craft night was great as usual, so nice to catch up with friends and talk eat and craft late into the night. Chemo went well and it was lovely and not lovely to see two of our friends back. Such a hard thing to say goodbye to friends that you see each week, but fantastic that they no longer need to be there, then sometimes life lets them know its not quite over yet and back they come.
Off to the market again tomorrow to see how we do. Ems Dad is down for the week, which is fantastic for her and give her abit of change to her day. Hes said hes getting up with us at 5 45 in the morning to help get ready and head to town, but we shell see how he feels when the cold air hits him.
Havent been able to catch up with our baby this week as both Talia and Amieka have been unwell, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that next week will bring no ills.
Well must away few more baby gloves to make before tomorrow.
Love Dee xx

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