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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

our chemo family 9 down 7 to go yay!!!!!

 Well today at chemo was a good day  we had Sarah and Mel's birthday one was last weekend and one this coming weekend. and our Beautiful Mel had her last chemo session today so that really cool and she is about to head of to the next part of her cancer journey up in Wellington. (hopefully I will get  to go up and see her while she is up there.
so our chemo family is getting smaller but we will all stay in touch. My cup cakes were quite nice in the end the worked out quite well even after the explosion. The Chaplin came down and she made us all sing to Mel and Sarah which was good.We also all of us got our iv lines in in the first go except i had a bit of a bleeder or a gusher when my line decided to pop out but got it back in and it was all good.
William and Jane came up as with my step dad away Jane picked William up from school and brought him up to us and stayed and had a coffee which was nice.
Today's lesson i have given up on parallel parking I have decided that if i get 1/4 to a half into the car park that is enough for me and if people don't like it tough I say. The good thing about doing this is mum always spots my car as its the one half out of the road. :)
Ema :)

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