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Sunday, 10 July 2011

To My Mums

To my Mums,

you are amazing how you have held me up
how you have been with me to every meeting, appointment and chemo
you don't moan when i am in a bad mood.
or keep you up all night talking when i am on my Mead's
  and you don't try to lock me in a cupboard when you have had enough.
you shaved your hair when i was going to lose mine
and you do anything to make me happy.
i love you with all my heart and more the words i could never find and even if i could find them they would not be enough to say how thankful and grateful i am.
you are my rock you have helped me through this
together we can take on the world.
our relationship is stronger than it has ever been.
you know me so well.

You are a such a strong woman when it comes to fighting for your family.
i only wish you fought for your self with as much strength.
you are one of a kind
you are one in a million
you are my mums
and i love you
Ema :)

( muriel at the nelson airport)

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