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Thursday, 7 July 2011

lessons learned

What i have learned in the past 7months.
*life should not just be about work.
*make sure you tell the people who you care about that you love them and how proud i am of them at any chance i get.
*Tell the people who are important to you how important they are to you.
*that it doesn't mater if you don't get all the house work done its still going to be there in an hour or the next morning.
*to laugh at everything and anything even if your laughing by yourself
*to sing at the top of your lungs at home, in the car and not worry if anyone can here you
*to do silly things each day that make you or someone else laugh
*try to do something new each day
*that all the small shit that stresses you out doesn't actual mater in the big picture
*not to stress about things that you cant change
* when life throws a spanner at your head throw one right back change it around and make it positive
*take time out each day to dedicate to just you time. weather its just having a coffee or a wine or a walk do something just for you
* don't put up with crap from people and don't take on their problems.
*let things go don't hold on to the past its has come and gone learn from it.
*to look after yourself
*give up parallel parking  after 4 goes if you cant do it just park in the middle of the road
*go outside and dance in the rain
* to live don't wait just do
+smile more
+laugh more
+dance more
+don't take yourself so seriously
+love yourself
+be silly
+have fun
Ema :)

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