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Monday, 18 July 2011

my first roast

 Well i made my first roast ever on Saturday night. This was a big deal for me as i am a vegetarian and i was a big brave girl and went to the butcher and got him to cut me a big piece of lamb. and after a day at the snow i came home and had some wine and cooked the roast with lots of yummy roast veggies mint sauce and garlic bread. (One thing i find funny is why when you have a dinner with people around do males like to sit in front of the TV? I had some music on and was chatting and then what do you know the TV gets turned on. How rude) :)  Then for dessert we had home made cheese cake yum!  Everyone said that it was yummy but i did tell them before they ate it they had to say it was good so ill never really know. But everyone ate it so I'm guessing it wasn't to bad.
After dinner we went down to the back beach to let off some fireworks. We crossed a small stream and went down the beach a bit so we were away from the car park. Little did we know that by the time we were finished the tide was coming in fast and the small stream we crossed was now getting deeper and wider. So we had to go for a walk to find a Skinner part of the stream to cross.

 We wen to the beach on Sunday and Rhylei made me a heart seat so i could sit down at the beach and not get to sandy so cute :) Bellow is Tahunanui Beach where in winter you get to drive past this every day with the snow and mountains in the background. it still makes me go wow every time. All in all it was a great weekend full of adventure and good people Ema :)

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