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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

another day

Well i haven't blogged for a while been just taking it easy and the days seem to go so fast.
we were supposed to go out tonight with the craft group we were going to have desert and a hot drink for mums birthday which is tomorrow but mums not feeling well so we put that on hold.
have been trying to organise my trip up north but every weekend i want to head up there is a RWC  game in wellington and everything is booked out but hopefully will book something tomorrow we just wont be able to head up on a weekend.
I have been spending lots of time with Amieka lately i have been baby sitting her while Talia goes to the gym and they come to our house  for dinner on Monday nights. Its been really cool as i wont get to see them for a while when i head up north.
Baydon and his band MusGrave are playing at a band battle this weekend hopefully i will be able to get down there and check it out.
but we are having a wee gathering at mine on sat for the end of chemo and to say thanks to everyone so there will be lots of baking to be done.
Ema :)

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