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Thursday, 8 September 2011

mums birthday

 was mums birthday yesterday but she was unwell so we had her birthday dinner today we had  eggs Benedict and home made hash browns then carrot cup cakes above is my attempt to do carrots on the top of the cup cakes. (like i said i tried) hopefully mums had a good 2 day birthday.
love you mums you are the bestest xx xxx

We also got to have Amieka today she is so cute. Isn't it funny how if you are holding a baby strangers come up to you and start to baby talk and cause you are holding a baby this is OK. but if your not holding a baby and a stranger comes up to you and starts baby talking its not OK?

We had to go up to the hospital yesterday so i could have a ECG. the lady said everything looked good not a beat out of place but the specialist has to check everything out to make sure. (common practice)
(the reason why i was having an ECG is because on this type of chemo i have had one of the drugs could do damage to your heart and i went to my GP a few weeks ago and had bloods done and a check up and talked about how i have been having dizzy spells and tight chest which was probably to do with the steroids but she wanted to send me to get checked out any way)
Today i had my last appointment with my Oncology Doctor (who is really sweet and after seeing him for 6months i will miss him but i hope i never have to see him again)
The last appointment is just if i had any questions or anything i had a few questions. One of them being what am i? I'm i cured? or what?
he said what i am is in remission when i have my first check up i will be in complete remission and the longer i have where all my tests are clear the more likely it wont come back and with my treatment they gave me the top shelf if i had my type of cancer and was 50years old i would of only had 8 chemo but because of my age they gave me 16 to give me the best chance. but it's a high % that it wont come back. but with breast cancer they don't say your cured even after 5 years cause they cant be 100% sure as we have so many cells in our body there is no technology to test each one individually. But for me it looks good. So i leave the hospital on a high.
then this afternoon i get a call from the hospital telling me i need to come in and have a heart Eco.
When i asked the lady on the phone what does it mean she said sorry i only awnser the phones. so i ring my Doctor and have to leave a message and i ring the oncology nurses and have to leave a message. and I'm starting to stress out a bit.
Then after 2 hours i get a call from my oncology Nurse who explains to me what an ECG is ( where they measure the beat of your heart the rhythm and look for any abnormality's. and a heart Eco is something completely different where they will look at the heart mussel and the heart. The chemo that i was on could do damage to the part of the heart that pumps the blood around . And she said that they are probably just checking everything to make sure it is all good. Because i went to my GP with these issues and because of chemo they are just checking. But my appointment isn't until Wed (its Thurs today) But I'm going to try to make it earlier just so i can get it done. so fingers crossed everyone.

Ema  :)

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