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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Wellington (day 2)

Jane and mum on our way to the zoo yay!!!!

I saw this picture and had to get in there and take a photo but not before i tripped on the bush you have to climb over

me and mums

my new fave animal we watched the sun bears for ages so cute and such a shiny coat

you can get so close to most of the animals at Wellington zoo so cool
I'm not a very good driver

yes all that separated Jane from this amazing lion is glass and my did the lion like Jane

I thought it was my time to stand by the window so i could get a photo with the lion but as you can tell with my clenched hands i was packing myself

such a cute family

i am a Posa after all so i had to strike a pose

just clowning around yes the lizard ate me

Jane playing too

Mums hanging around

pool time

never new my mums was a pool shark don't play with her she sunk 3 in a row then 2 in a row and she said she couldn't play

finishing our wines before we move on to dinner
Wellington was awesome i could live there apart from the wind. was cool to hang out just me mums and Jane we had lots of fun. 

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