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Sunday, 11 September 2011

afternoon tea

We had an afternoon tea yesterday to celebrate no more chemo and to say thanks to everyone who helped out. Jane, Paul, Izzy, Matt and Baydon were here as well but i didn't seem to get any photos of them.

Amieka and Taylor (Taylor is Rhys sister)

Taylor so cute

William and Rhy hiding in Will's room

Halee and Taylor


William and Amieka


Amieka playing drums

Talia and Amieka

Jason and Mike


Amieka and mike

Taylor water bottle fun

Tommy and Amieka


William and Rhy

Was a good day Halee, Taylor, Talia, Amieka and Jason stayed for dinner and William, Rhy and Jason and me played hide and go seek in the dark the boys are really good at hiding. 
Halee and myself are going to a show tonight at the Theater Royal I won tickets again. we are going to see The Deep End which is supposed to be similar to who's line is it any way so should be a laugh
Ema :) 

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