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Saturday, 24 September 2011

The start of my North Island holiday Wellington (day 1)

no mum i haven't packed to much you never know how much stuff you will need when you don't know how long your going away for 

Mum and Jane waiting for the ferry.

coming into Wellington ferry was nice and calm 

us non rugby fans even went and hung out at the fan zone in Wellington.

heading to Te papa

having a well deserved drink after hours of walking around wellington. As well as going to the fan zone and Te Papa we managed to find a cute as market as well. and we had Burger Fuel for dinner something i had been hanging out for since i got sick yummmm!!!!!!!!
Also we left for Wellington on the 18th of Sep but we kept it a surprise from everyone and it is my aunty's birthday on the 24th Sep so we were trying to keep it a  surprise until then so that's why we haven't posted about anything for a while.) 
Ema :)

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