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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

dessert and coffee

Kahlua and Moro Bar cheesecake

                          Kiwi Pavlova (complete with nipples thanks to bee)

lemon meringue pie

                                                                       Banoffie Pie

Yum'!!!!!!! went out for dessert and coffee at Loan star last night was really yummmy and huge desserts all for only $13.00 each

Well i have had all of my tests my bloods came back good.
my ECG came back good
But my ECO came back with telling me i have a bit of fluid around my heart. now i have been told this is quite normal and they will do another one in 3months time to see if it has gotten worse or the same. it may go away it may never go away. im not to sure what this means but i am about to go ring my Oncology nurse to find out. well after talking to my nurse seems it's not really to much of a big deal. so im good to go away for my holiday !!!!!!!!!!!
Ema :)

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