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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

What an exciting day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting......... ohhhh there is the plane yay!!!!!!
Today was an exciting day got to see my big brother (who i haven't seen since Xmas) and meet my new Niece Juno. So exciting i have been waiting over 3 months to meet my 3rd beautiful niece, And got such a surprise when we got a call saying they were coming down a few days ago. Such a cool surprise it made my week. I am so blessed to have 3 amazing and beautiful nieces Mila, Amieka and Juno. Mila and juno live in Auckland with there mum and dad and Amieka lives in Nelson. So we had to get Amieka over to meet her baby cousin as well so i got very spoilt having a night with my 2 nieces and my big brother. So while they were here I just had to take to opportunity to get them to model my headband's :)
 But first they had to meet Amieka in the stripey hat and blue cardie and Juno in the white checking each other out was so cute. Amieka is just over 5 months and Juno is just over 3 months.
things were going very well such cute models 
But then Amieka decided that she quite liked the look of Juno's hand and decided she wanted to see if it    tasted as good.
 Then Amieka wanted to show her baby cousin how clever she was at rolling over although she couldn't work out while she couldn't roll over Juno. Apart from Amieka showing Juno all the exciting things that she could do they were quite happy chilling together on the floor. I got so many cuddles today from these beautiful bubs both so very cute and very very much loved my their Aunty Ema. Was the best day I've had in a long time, hanging out with my big brother and two of my neice's. Life is good :) 
          So cute i think they will be great friends



  1. Ema these pics are so sweet! And I love their headbands...x Harriet