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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

our chemo mid winter xmas party


 Mum and i like to be a little weird so we had to get all dressed up for today and take some silly photos. the cookies mum made and i iced good team work.
 two lovely Lady's at chemo it was her last chemo so that was why we had a we party and i had a piece of fruit cake ( which i don't like but this one was so good i had 2 pieces mmmmm!
 some more of our chemo family the amazing nurses who put up with us and are great at there job,  chemo patients and our support people. good times had all around at chemo. you have to try to make it a little entertaining.
 two very special people Sarah above and Mel below such strong and positive people very cool to have meet them and to be able to spend time with them.

all in all was a good day we even had Xmas music playing and everyone else who wasn't apart of our group still got involved. so that's chemo no 8 down and 8 to go yay half way their, and another week where my iv line went in in the first time as they are such pros up at the day stay. its funny you come quite close to everyone up there and everyone who is going thought their own thing and has their own story they still sit on their lazy boy or lie on the bed with a smile and there is always lots of laughter coming from the room which is helped lots by the amazing staff and volunteers
Ema :)

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