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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tea on a Tuesday

My early morning walk with Jane what a beautiful way to start the day, a few cold river crossings and wet feet. But fantastic, then home to make these........

Chocolate brownies  yummy, this was for our craft evening tonight, where we had a few close friends, yummy food and lots of chatter, only poor Jane was feeling unwell by the afternoon and couldn't make it as with anyone going through chemo you can pick up bugs really easily, so she stayed home tucked up warm.  What a fun evening we had.  Deexx

 my first ever cheesecake i have ever made and if i don't say so myself yummmmmmm! was quite fun to make as well. We had a girls craft night tonight was cool everyone brought something yummy. good thing i start at the gym this week.

oh the concentration at our craft night we crochet, knitted and had a look at card making which i might add might be my new addiction. and of course lots of talking . Isn't it great to have such great people to spend time with. Although one very special person Jane was missing as she was unwell but she will be here next time.
My 4th lot of chemo tomorrow so tonight due to my happy drugs ( my body is like on speed but my eyes are tired i wont sleep till around 4am or 5am and its like this for 3 nights every week) i will spend the night crochet, listening to music and playing games on my comp and maybe i might change my room around.
It is amazing how much more stuff you can get done in 24hours when you only sleep around 2-3hours. Bring on chemo no 4 tomorrow they are going really fast now.  Ema :)

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