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Thursday, 23 June 2011

cancer is not me

I know I’m young but I’m older than I used to be,
I can do anything I’ll be the girl I choose to be
Looking ahead to all that life may bring my way
Getting excited for each and every single day
Then there comes a bump in my road
Something I would never have thought I would have to face
Something invading my body trying to control me
But this thing is just a word I am bigger than that
This thing is just a thing it does not make me
It does not change who I am.
I can’t change it happening but I can stop it changing my life
I still choose to be the girl I want to be
I still love and love and care and cry
I still look ahead to all that life may bring my way
Getting excited by each and every single day
This is I hiccup in my making I think I was made at the budget hospital
But this isn’t going to stop me I will win this battle
People look at me and pity me
Yes at times this journey I am on has been a bitch
But it is not all I am about
This thing does not make me me
I make me me
I choose my life
I choose to live.

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