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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The tides a comming rolling in

Well life has been interesting for me this past week i have been feeling a bit down and bored.
I have been feeling like all i do is sit around home and wait for each chemo and not really do much. It doesn't help that it rained all weekend and went out to get a coffee and my car broke down. As i am not working i got all stressed as to how will i fix it blah, blah, blah. With this chemo it has been great in the fact that i feel good apart from a few things but because i feel good i hate sitting around. I could go back to work but then if i do i run the risk of getting sick ending up in isolation again and getting delayed in my treatment. I felt like i was going around in circles. So i had to give myself a strong talking to and kick my backside and change the way i was thinking.

So one thing i did was joined up to pink Pilate's which i start in 2 weeks. Pink Pilate's is another great thing that is on offer to woman with cancer. Where you get 10 sessions of one on one with a physio therapist incorporating Pilate's, physiotherapy, massage, breathing techniques, fatigue management and exercise prescription. Which will help with a lot of things including building up my strength. There are so many things on offer it is amazing and a lot of them are at no or little cost to me.

The next thing i did was rang around to look at joining a gym again i used to love going. I am just waiting on the OK from my doctors to make sure this is all good.
I am also going to look at doing more cooking and maybe take a dance class.

So after all this i  am feeling better i was just having a few Emo days, and really i don't have a lot to moan about what i need to do is turn it around and look at what i do have.
I have an amazing family and support system. My hair is slowly starting to grow back. This lot of Chemo has and will continue to be easy. I live in a beautiful place Nelson. I taught myself how to make a hat ( very exciting) and i get to laugh most days. So really i need to harden up and get on it and try not  to have any more whaa days. Its only 10 weeks of treatment to go I'm on the count down whats 10 weeks really. Bring it on.

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  1. You're doing great Ema - take each week as it comes, you're allowed to feel a bit down in the dumps occasionally, you're only human!! Just focus on your future trip up north and the cuddles you'll get from your nieces...
    Kate x