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Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Journey so far

When we got the news I new our life from that moment would never be the same. I remember telling my dearest friend unmong many things that my heart had just died for as a mummy thats how it felt. We protect our children from bad things, how can this be happening, this doesnt happen to our babies, and there is nothing I can do , no kiss, hug or magic mummy touch is going to make this better. I looked at my beautiful young daughter and made the decision that cancer was not going to have her and I was going to fight right along side her every step of the way and do what I can to make this journey as best I can for her and this is what we do. In life you meet good people even if we are lucky we meet inspirational people, Well I can tell you my daughter is one of those inspirational ones she takes it all no matter how much she dreads each chemo session and we rock on up to day stay for each treatment and the ward is full of the most beautiful people in the world all with their own stories . Its an amazing place theres laughter, lots of cups of tea and general knowing and even while I sit there and after an hour or so I watch the colour drain from their faces, their laughter may quiet a little but we all know  that this is whats keeping them alive, and the pain, sickness, hair loss, and everything else that goes along with chemo will pass in time and they have the most amazing strenght to get through this. Each session breaks my heart a bit more, but it also makes me take a step back and drink in the strenght of these people, any each time I take home with me more and more knowledge of whats important in life. To often we get so caught up in whats not important, so let it go make sure you hug the ones you love everyday if they are away send them loving thoughts, take time for you there is always time even when we think we have none enjoy being alive and listen to your body some times we ignore when its not in balance Dont or it may just need to slap you in the face to get your attention. If reading this you are a woman have a daughter, friends that are woman no matter what age you  learn, teach to check your breasts cancer has no age limit it is not an older persons thing my baby was just 27, so come join us on our journey, get out your handcrafts pour yourself a nice cup of tea . Today is day one of her second lot of treatment which is every week for 12 weeks we are both a bit unsure of what today will bring but no matter what it will be down to 11 after today and that my friends is fantastic. much love Dee

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