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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

a busy time

Went to the zoo with Mila and Juno was cool they have added on a few new things. The only thing was that we went in the holidays so it was really busy but we had heaps of fun.

Anton, Danielle, Nick and myself went to rainbows end the pic above is a new ride the invader this was all of our fav ride. was a good day but after walking around for hours  i got quite sleepy. i didnt go on all the rides this time as i thought i might get chucked around to much but i went on most of them.

We went and spent the day at the beach was cool i haven't been here for years. we climed up the clift which had lots of nasty stairs :( but i made it to the top yay. 

As well as this i have caught up with a few mates. i really like when you havnt seen some 1 for ages and its still comfortable when you do catch up.

Since i have been up here i have seen Footloose, Abduction, sharks 3d, and another 1 i cant think of. hopefully going to go see paranormal 3 this week. 

I have nearly been away for 5 weeks its been a long time but it doesnt really feel like it has been that long. i am feeling great i have my down moments but they dont last for long. I am really enjoying being up here with everyone. 
Ema :)

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