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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

last few weeks in my north island holiday

well i did it i walked under and over the Auckland harbour bridge was really cool and well worth doing you got to learn a lot about the bridge and it's history.
like it took 400 people to build the bridge 3 people lost their lives 2 fell into the water and survived the fall but before anyone could get to them they drowned. The 3rd person fell while they were poring concrete and it was to late when they realised so he is forever resting in the bridge. ( possibly the worlds biggest tomb stone)
I was a bit sceared at first it happened to be a wet and windy day and seemed to get worse as the day went on. walking up the wind was against you walking down it was pushing you but it was awesome. we got to see someone bunji of the bridge i think i would like to do that next time!!! over 400 stairs i managed to do this walk quite easy and i wasn't even sore the next day.

me and my sister on a night out in town with my brother and his partner was a good chilled night out

I got to go watch my brother race a Lotus ( it was given to him from his nelson family for his birthday) it was really cool to spend the day with him.

my brother anton me Aroha my dad and my sister Danielle after a big night out on the town. with Teppinyaki for dinner and Sakki. i can say everyone was felling in the next day but was a great night of dinner and pool and good times

the last day of my North island holiday with a very big hangover. We went on a cool boat cruse around the Auckland harbour. then went out for lunch then went to western springs speed way.

I had an awesome holiday i was happy and sad to be leaving i will miss everyone up there and miss having daily hugs with my Juno and Mila.
I was also sad to be leaving cause i knew all my appointments and work and everything would start up again so now on the the next part of my journey.
Ema :)

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