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Saturday, 8 October 2011

north island silly times

me and my stunning sister at the movies in aucks the things you can do with a pop corn bucket

heading to the beach in Dargaville where i grew up with my niece Mila

some of my mums side of the family

my beautiful nana and pop posa in Dargs

Mila at the beach wearing Aunty Dales jacket

Mila and me running down the hill at the beach

we used to run up and down this sand dune when we were kids every day 

Mila checking out the cows at the farm

Mila at the skate park in Dargaville where we used to hang as teenagers

having a paddle at the beach
Was cool went up to Dargaville where i lived till i was 18 with my niece and auntie for the week caught up with lots of family and caught up with my really good mate Aids. stayed at the beach for 2 nights i could quite easily live at Bayleys beach it is my fave beach. 
I like going home but i got a bit overloaded with people and family and questions. i got treated a bit like a 5yr old asking where i was going what i was doing if i was OK blah blah it was great when i hung out with Aids and Nana and Pop Posa i got treated like normal told if i wanted something to get it myself was great. i tried to walk every day i got a bit sore at the end of each day but feel so much better once i had had a walk. my hair has growing heaps will put a pic up in the next few days. i am now back in Auckland and its just stated raining typical the washing is ready to be hung out so ill just turn up the music and hang it out any way  Ema :) 

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