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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mila's 4th birthday and fan zone Nz Vs Argintena

some of the fam hanging out for Mila's 4th Birthday


Present time

blowing out the candles. was a good day for Mila's birthday western springs then swimming then home to chill and then really yummy dinner and birthday cake. Mila told us she wasn't 4 till she had her birthday cake. she was so cute and defiantly the star of the day. I t was so cool that i got to spend her birthday with her as i have only been in aucks for her first birthday so that was really special.

Me and Danielle getting ready to go to fan zone 

Nick and Dani getting rev ed up before the game

Nick jumped on Antons back

So many people/
We decided to head down to the fan zone in auck city just to say we had been there. i wasn't to fussed on the game but its a cool atmosphere. we went to the main part but didn't even attempt to go into the cloud. was cool being there. everyone stood for the national anthem and people went crazy when we got points on the board. The game could of gone either way in the beginning thank gosh for penalty points. We did learn that next time take something to sit on and a blanket cause it was way cold and we all got sore butts. But was really good to go down and check it out just to say that we had been.

On a very different note not even a month after i had finished chemo (in 2 days it's been 5 weeks since i finished) i got my period which means that my body is getting back to normal. and seen as there was a chance with chemo that i may not be able to have kids well I'm guessing getting my period is a good sign. 
Ema :)

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