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Monday, 17 October 2011

good times

well ive been up to a bit since i last posted. we went to the auckland museum which was cool and had a  picnic there

took the girls to westen springs to have a picnic and feed the swans and eels 

and we all had a family day out and went to Kelly Taltons and then had lunch at Mission bay.

i am doing good i have days and times where i am tired. or sore but i just get on with it. my hair is growing back really fast (so everyone keeps saying) but for me it feels like its taking forever. i was thinking the other day how does your hair know to grow back pale on your face dark on your eyebrows and hair imagine if all my hair grew back dark ll over hmmmm  funny.
big hugs and loves to my family in Nelson miss you guys xx xx
Ema :)

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